Kirby - Mark II (Handi - Butler) Tool Kit


Kirby - Mark II (Handi - Butler) Tool Kit
Positive Motor Driven,
The box is not that best of shape but the tools are like new. tan disk buffer has some lite signs of being used.
I believe this is a product from the 1950's thru 1970's era.
over 20 items come with this classic kirby accessories kits.

1. polishing compound - Coarse (No. 1)

1.polishing Compound - Fine (No.2)

For Polishing Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum...

1. screw bolt with black top.

1. screw bolt with silver top.

1. C-shape plastic shield.

1. red plastic installation, metal cable line, flex shaft.

1. fluffy tan fabric wheel buffer pad.

2. small sanding disk.

1. large (fine grade) sanding disk.

1. large (coarse grade) sanding disk.

3. drill bits.

1. drill bits chuck connector.

1 . red horse shoe shape handle.

1. metal wire wheel brush.

2. wheel fabric buffers.

2 small rubber bowl shape cones.

1. rubber pulley belt ring.

1. grinder wheel disk.

1. flat wrench tool.


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